About Creative Root

This website — Creative Root — is a labor of love maintained by Mark and Amy Czerniec of Racine, Wisconsin, in the hope of encouraging cultural activities, entrepreneurial innovation, and general creativity in Racine and Kenosha counties. It began as short list of annual summer events on Mark’s website, and we eventually spun it off into its own domain.

Our driving belief is that vital ideas are sparked when people rub elbows while enjoying food, music, art, drama, dance, comedy, and other civilizing pursuits together. Apple founder Steve Jobs famously said that “creativity is just connecting things,” and he obsessed over designing his Pixar headquarters so as to maximize opportunities for personal encounters, and the creative friction they produce.

Similarly, we also find inspiration in the concept of “placemaking”— and in Gallup CEO Jim Clifton’s book, The Coming Jobs War. In that book, Clifton describes how the most successful cities are stimulated by a nurturing mix of “local tribal leaders,” “super mentors,” entrepreneurs, and universities.

We’d love to be part of connecting some things and stirring that mix here, so we’re using what we know about websites and video production to help spread the word.

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