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Fusion: Kenosha live music, performing arts venue

Live music in Kenosha is nothing new. The city has long supported a roster of bar bands that rock out on a small stage while patrons and bartenders shout over them to converse or place orders. What’s new — over the past year or so — is a Kenosha... read more

Hawthorn Hollow Nature Sanctuary & Arboretum

Many people whiz down Green Bay Road between Kenosha and Racine every day, and although they may see the Hawthorn Hollow sign across from Petrifying Springs Park, they may not know about the treasure inside its gates. Hawthorn Hollow Nature Sanctuary & Arboretum... read more

Indian grocery store in Racine: East Indian Market

Cooking authentic Indian recipes requires special ingredients, and finding some of those Indian food items can be difficult outside a big city. That’s why Saminder K. Jaspal and her husband Charanjit decided to open their Indian grocery store, East Indian... read more

Waterford Hot Air Balloon Festival 2014

The 4th annual Waterford Hot Air Balloon Festival kicked off Friday afternoon on the grounds of Evergreen Elementary School, and our cameras were there to capture some of the atmosphere of this great family event for the YouTube video above. The weather was beautiful,... read more

Earthworms & vermiculture grow in Union Grove

Perhaps you have heard that worm castings (a.k.a. worm manure or worm humus, the digestive waste produced by earthworms) might be the finest organic fertilizer on earth. Possibly, you read somewhere that earthworms can be raised for this purpose — and also to... read more

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